How we work

When you aim high there is no room for anything less than flawless innovative design, state of the art technology and great partnerships.

Our work is based solely on research and development  in order to produce a new, custom made, progressive product each time. We employ our expertise to continuously push ourselves forward into the future. That’s why we have no interest in copying any applied ideas.

Each aircraft docking staircase we design is inspired by the specific needs of the airline we cooperate with at that given time.

We use 3D design software and stress analysis tools to evaluate the structure of our constructions, as well as finite element analysis for predicting how our products will react to the real-world forces.

As far as welding is concerned, our qualified personnel applies TIG and MIG techniques using certified welding machines. Furthermore, sandblasting along with optimal coating cover ensure the protection of our products from corrosion.

In our 7 hectares production factory located in Aspropirgos, Athens, we are always ready to undertake any new challenging project that will lead us to new frontiers.

Transforming your needs into progressive designs

About the founder

founder,aviation maintenance

After studying Engineering, Design & Manufacturing, Christos Hatzis built an extensive business experience in different mechanical architecture industries including vehicles, mine equipment and metallic buildings.

Driven by a constant will for innovation, he has never hesitated to challenge himself working on the most demanding projects. Combining all his previous and current knowledge he develops unique product ideas based 100% on the clients’ needs, overcoming any obstacle… heading only to perfection.